Why Vacation Ownership?

Questions about advertising your Vacation Ownership?

What Ever Your Visit May Be

Whether corporate travel or a family retreat, Vacation Ownerships provides unsurpassed resale and rental vacation ownership advertising.

Vacation Ownerships makes it possible for savvy travelers to indulge in dream vacations whether for a weekend getaway or a multi-week escape.

Our Experience Becomes Your Guidance

Internet travel sites list resorts and destinations but offer little else. Vacation Ownerships’ years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry offers an understanding of the perfect resale and rental experience at a discounted cost.

Vacation Ownerships’ website users make reservations from romantic getaways to large corporate events. Selling and renting your vacation ownership should not be stressful. You can rely on us for boundless value and dependable service.

What Type Of Traveler Are You?

Here at Vacation Ownerships, we can help you find that perfect vacations spot for whatever your needs may be. Our vacation spots will be sure to provide the best memories to share and remember forever.

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Your Experience Matters To Us

Using Vacation Ownerships’ website individuals and businesses can arrange the ideal destination, not limited to; luxury resorts, meeting locations for businesses, special events for families or couples, and local attractions.

Why Vacation Ownerships

Vacation Ownerships was started on the premise that nothing beats personalized service, experience, and attention to detail. While many vacation ownership resale and rental sites promise superior deals, owners are often unaware of limitations, exceptions, and fine print. Making the right choices based solely on price is not always the best course of action for owners. We hear countless stories of owners regretting that they didn’t call us first.

While many individuals succumb to the magnitude of bargain vacation getaways by internet sites, Vacation Ownerships recognized the niche for knowledgeable, experienced resale and rental advertising professionals. Vacation Ownerships knows that owners appreciate the significance of an experienced marketing and advertising company that had a key presence in the resale and rental market.

Save Your Money

Many owners learned that they actually saved money by seeking the help of knowledgeable advertising professionals. Vacation Ownerships wanted to highlight this detail and decided to open a resale and rental for-sale-by-owner company that aided owners who were unable to utilize their vacation ownership. The company does widespread publicity not just on the internet, but print advertising in major travel magazines, and with the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Vacation Ownerships has advertised four- and five-star resorts as a marketing professional worldwide. Vacation Ownerships was determined to demonstrate that their company could provide better service and value than any other resale or rental company. Vacation Ownerships was right. Magazines and newspapers have profiled Vacation Ownerships as the smart choice for vacation travel and we are proud to be renowned as an industry leader.

Vacation Ownerships Is Not A Real Estate Agent Or Broker

Vacation Ownerships is an advertising company, not a real estate agent or broker, so when you sell or rent your vacation property you’re not paying unnecessary and expensive broker fees or commissions. We do not have a specific buyer/renter at the present time.

What Type Of Traveler Are You?

No. Vacation Ownerships does not offer any kind of juridical services. Vacation Ownerships is not involved in any negotiations for resale/rental, closing or procuring of buyers.

Vacation Ownerships’ accommodating advertising program encompasses pooling advertising resources with those of other sellers/leasers to maximize exposure to potential buyers/renters of your vacation property. Your vacation ownership will be visible to millions of potential buyers/renters as a result of Vacation Ownerships’ advertising program.

No. You cannot appraise a week’s worth of time. Owners determine prices in accordance with the resort, location, size of unit, amenities, and the week that you desire to sell or rent. Prices advertised on Vacation Ownerships’ website are resale prices chosen by the current owners. Vacation Ownerships cannot make any representations as to the resale or rental price that you may receive

Vacation Ownerships is not affiliated with your resort or any third party organizations. Vacation Ownerships is an independent corporation that focuses on the marketing and advertising of vacation ownership properties for owners.

Vacation Ownerships cannot make any representation as to the period of time that it will take to resale or rent nor the success rate of our advertising program. The marketing period is largely affected by market conditions.


Because we are an advertising company and not involved in the resale or rental, nor the negotiations, we are unable to offer you statistics on the percentage of resales or rentals as a result of our advertising program. Our advertisers characteristically do not inform us when their vacation ownership has been sold or rented.

Vacation Ownerships will advertise until it has been sold or rented. Vacation Ownerships will assume that your ownership sells or rents within six months unless you advise us otherwise.

For as long as you own. Any year that you are not using your vacation ownership you can place an advertisement on our website to let the renters know your week is available. Vacation Ownerships does the additional advertising to draw the potential renters so they are able to view your advertisement and present you an offer.